Whine Like a Man

We’re a cycling group that’s been riding in the Chattanooga area for more than 25 years. Bubba isn’t affiliated with a club team or shop so you’re welcome to ride with Bubba regardless of the jersey you wear so long as it has sleeves. (If it doesn’t, even your family doesn’t want to see you so buy a TT bike and learn to be alone.) Show up Saturday, get heckled about your stupid looking socks or sunglasses, embrace your new nickname, and BeABubba too!

Team Bubba

TB 1/28

Roll at 10:00 from Steady’s Campground (St Elmo Food City) for a trip to the Cove and optional climb up Daughtery.  (Low winds which is always key for this one.)   Full route with the climb 71 miles and 4200 feet, but if you skip the climb it should put it right at a metric.   For those wanting the climb but not the extra miles a good place to jump on would be the DolGen where we cross 193.

Ride with GPS

The nature of the ride - Pace ranges from conversational to brisk. There are always a few re-grouping points during the first half of the ride. This is the ride for the strongest cyclists in the club.

Bubba Elite

Sat. 1/28

Option 1: Rudy Gravel Ride. Roll from Gee Creek Campground at 10am. 36 miles and 3,700ft of climbing. Rudy suggests parking at Fork Morrow first which is before you get to Gee Creek. If unavailable proceed to Gee Creek. (see map)

Option 2: Dean Poi ride – Ride 10:30 Saturday from the Battlefield for – 3 hours. Piano piano pace.


Ride with GPS

The nature of the ride - Elite rides honor Team Bubba traditions (lots of heckling) but might be a little shorter and definitely includes more stops and regrouping. The Elite ride is a good entry point to Team Bubba for fit cyclists.

Other Rides

TB  Red Bank Tuesday

TB rolls at 5:30 from the “old” BiLo in Red Bank at the corner of Dayton Blvd and Browntown Rd.   Remember to park at the end away from B&B Discount AND WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE DON’T PEE ANYWHERE NEAR THE SHOPPING CENTER (THAT INCLUDES NOT PEEING IN THE WOODS BESIDE THE CENTER).   Let’s also remember (i) to be courteous to traffic (including climbing Hotwater single file) and (ii) that this ride is a GROUP RIDE with mandatory regrouping points at Dayton Pike, end of Frontage,  the foot washing church, and the bank after the descent.


Sunday Afternoon Ride

This standing year-round ride starts from the Walden Town Hall at 2 PM. It’s 22 miles at a recovery pace that includes several sprint points. For those wanting a little more, climb the front of Signal first.

Ride with GPS

Typical Holiday Ride

For all Bubbas and bubba want-ta-bes, this ride moves along at a social pace for 39 miles and includes the full length of Missionary Ridge and loops through Chickamauga Battlefield.

Ride with GPS


(During daylight savings time) ride departs promptly at 5:30PM from the Chickamauga Battlefield parking lot. Route varies somewhat every week, but expect 30+ miles on this under 2-hour Fly-lead ride.

Downtown Lunch Ride

This Elite-style ride has a firm roll-time of 11:45 from the downtown YMCA. Based on work schedules, some days you might be by yourself. Ride time is about 90 minutes and sometimes includes a mountain climb.

Ride Smart

Rides are on open roads so obey traffic rules, WEAR A HELMET, and RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK (the dad-burn lawyers made us say that). Learn to whine about the pace being too fast or slow, the route being too steep or too flat, and the course being too long or too short, and you will BEABubba too.


Be sure to review the release posted on this site.

Know the Rules

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