TB Saturday 5/18

In honor of the IM 70.3 on Sunday, Bubba will hit up some of the IM roads. It looks like the roads will be wet and it may still be raining, so stay tuned for updates and make your own judgments. Plan to roll from Steady’s Campground at 8:30. Store stop at mile 45.8.

When: 8:30
Where: Steady’s Campground at St. Elmo Food City
Stats: 64 miles and 3,140 ft

TB and Elites Saturday 5/11

Fly and Man in Black have put together a route from the “good ole days” when MiB was new to Chattanooga back in the 90s. It’s 67.5 miles starting from the Battlefield with some nice roads south of Lafayette that Bubba doesn’t get to very often. Refuel stop options are Catlett Groc on Round Pond (19.7), Lucky Groc on 136 (25.3), and Uncle Jed’s at 193/Chamberlain (46.1).

The Elite route splits off at 22.8 miles where the longer route goes south on Cook Rd and stays on Round Pond into Lafayette. Jog through Lafayette to pass the Circle K for a store stop option at 28 miles in addition to the earlier one above at Catlett Groc. 48 miles total.

When: 8:30
Where: Chickamauga Battlefield Visitor Center

67.5 miles with 3,750 ft

48 miles with 2,400 ft


On a rain delay. Possibly roll at 11 but gravel option might not be a good one today
Weather permitting, Elites will do a shortened Gravel ride that includes the Daugherty Gap climb. See map for details. This ride will roll at 9:30 from Manor House and Mountain Cove Farms. Stay for Bluegrass Festival post-ride
However, if you never have I encourage you to join the Little River Canyon ride with TB. It’s one of the best routes around. If you want to shorten, drive to the top of the first climb and start and end from there.

TB Sat. 5/4 – RAIN DELAY

Rain Delay – Bub 1 will update around 9:30-10. Possibly 11:00 rollout
Instead of paying George to ride on your own roads, here’s an alternative for all the Cheapskate Bubbas! Stay after the ride for a world-class Bluegrass Festival (foreverbluegrass.com/) for FREE! Hot, homemade concessions available. (BYOB)
Both routes start at 9:00 am from the Manor House at Mountain Cove Farms (https://maps.app.goo.gl/6K6A9EBEA9V9esdw6). There is rain in the forecast, so check the weather before you head out.
The old tried and true route featuring Little River Canyon:
And the gravel/mix option:

Sat. 4/27

Several Elite options that Pivot off of TB routes all rolling at 8:30 from River Drifters

Gravel Options
Road option – Up and over Suck. Right at Powell’s Crossroads and back via the back of Signal on 127. Down the W road to River Drifters. 45 miles. Nobody needs a map for that route.


Englishman Option – do a loop to the east and south of Lafayette. Park at the Wilder Tower parking lot and we’ll leave at 9:00 for a 3.5 hour roll time, moderate pace, store stop around 30 miles.

Sat. 4/20

First, apologies for forgetting to post last week’s ride.

Roll with TB at 8:30 from I-75 GA Exit 345. See TB post for parking suggestions. Will roll with them until the store stop in Subligna at mile 26.8 at which point will head back north for the return. 53 miles.

TB Saturday 4/13

Bubba will head north this weekend for a trip up Retro Hughes, across the top via Hell of the North, and back down Montlake. Post-ride refreshments at Monkeytown or Pizza Cortile.


When: 8:30 a.m.
Where: Red Bank City Park (3899 Redding Rd, Red Bank, TN 37415)
Stats: 62 miles and 4,100 ft
Store stop at mile 36

Route:  Red Bank to Retro Hughes