Roll from the old Falling Water Elementary at 8:30 tomorrow.    After a short warm up we’ll climb our old friend Mtn Rd to mix things up, then head across Mowbry via the 10 longest miles to the Hell of the North (yes, the hard way because we ate too much pie).    After HON we’ll work our way down Leggett, then Back Valley to the cars.   Stop whining – only 57 miles and 3800 feet, it will just feel like more.    Seein as how it’s Don’t Hammer December let’s keep the pace tapped back a little.   Strong men can get plenty on Mtn Rd and HON, and there will be an optional 2nd climb up Hotwater on the way back through (that should get strong men in the metric range).   Only planned stop is at the store on top which is early in the ride so make sure you fill up there.   We will regroup periodically and if you don’t like stopping just ride backwards!    Should be back around 12 when we’ll refuel at Merv’s.  


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Bubba Thanksgiving

Lots of options for the next 4 days so let’s get to it.

  • Thanksgiving Day –
    • Option 1 – 9am roll out from the Pumpkin Patch on Signal Mtn for a 2 hour ride. Lee Davis leads
    • Option 2 – 10am roll out from the John A Patten rec. center in Tiftonia (3202 Kellys Ferry Rd near the old Bi-Lo) for a 2 hour ride. Steve Strain leads
  • Friday – Traditional Holiday Ride. Rolls from Unum at 9am. Steve Blankenship leads
  • Saturday – BR71 (Big Ralph’s 71st bday ride). Yep 1 mile for every year. Rolls at 8:30 from Falling Water for the full ride. Swing by Soddy Ball Fields to pick up those that want a shorter option at approximately 9:15. See map for details
  • Sunday – Pumpkin Patch ride on Signal Mtn. Rolls at 2pm.
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Sat. 11/23 Rainout

No rides scheduled for tomorrow as it looks like rain until about 2pm so ride at your own risk. That said, no better reason not to come by the Suck Creek Gear Swap tomorrow from 9am – 2pm where we have the remainder of Grinder’s Gear on sale.

Keep you eyes peeled for a make ride post for Sunday afternoon


November 16

Gonna be cold again tomorrow so we hope Bullfrog remembers a base layer.   TB/Elites roll from Mike’s @ 9:00.   (Remember to park in the lot on Chilhowie — let’s park at the upper end so regular patrons will have the closest parks.)   We’ll head north for a climb up Montlake, down Hotwater, Armstrong, then wind our way back.   55 miles, 3700 feet.   Lots of ways to add on for those who must have a metric, or just tag along with BeelzeBub for an extra “fitty.”

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BubbaGrass Sat. 11/9

So the Elites will have 2 shorter options, but both starting at 9:30 with TB from Mountain Cove Farms.

Option 1 is 55 miles and stays with TB until roughly mile 41 (maybe more precisely stays on the same TB route) until mile 41 where we’ll take a right on Hwy 234 (Gilreath Mill Rd/​Old Gilreath Mill Rd/​Old Mill Rd) and then pick back up on their route at mile 44. – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31424016

Option 2 is 48 miles and cuts short some of the valley portion of TB’s course (turn left at mile 8.6 on Andrews Lane). We’ll then dash back to the Cove up the mountain and do the whole course on top. – https://ridewithgps.com/routes/31424008
Regardless both routes have the special water/beer SAG built in at the top of the climb. For those that care, right now I’m leaning towards option 1 but things can change.
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Sat. 10/26

Looks like rain early morning so we’ll plan on rolling at 9:30am from Mike’s Hole in the Wall like last week’s ride (park in lot off of Chilhowie St.). We’ll do our rainy day route which will allow for many options depending on the weather and keeps us close to home. 45-50 miles

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Grinder Memorial Ride – 10/19

Bubba will celebrate the life of our friend with a ride this Saturday. Roll from Mike’s Hole in the Wall off Cherokee @ 8:00. Parking available in the lot off Chilhowee Street for the Johnson Medical Building – Chilhowie runs by Mike’s and all this has been cleared with the owners so we’re good.  We’ll climb Elder/Raccoon, do the loop up top, down Elder, out Cummings, back 299 with the nature center kicker. This is about remembering our friend so expect lots of regrouping –  we’ve built in a few climbs (Raccoon, nature center, and yes, expect Bub to lead some up Lookout to Sanders) so strong men can scratch their itch. Lots of ways to short it – skip Raccoon and go straight out Cummings or skip the loop up top to shave 7 miles.   Full route (without Sanders add-on) 56 miles, 4000 feet.

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Sat. 10/12

Talking about a slight chance of rain in the AM so we’ll keep it close to home if we need to dash for cover. Roll from Unum at 8:30. Over the toe for a Lookout Valley loop, back up Scenic Hwy to Sanders, down Ochs to Guild Trail Road and then we’ll cruise Chattanooga Valley. Lots of places to cut it short if we need to. 50 miles and 3,100 ft. Check the map for a couple of wrinkles. Back in plenty of time for Chattanooga Motorcar Festival and Oktoberfest.

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Cycle Sequatchie – Bubba partner Velo Views

When: October 5, 2019 – 8:30 a.m. CST

Where: 287 Pine St. Dunlap, TN


Celebrate scenic Southeast Tennessee Saturday, October 5th, with a ride through the most picturesque valley in the South followed by a farm-fresh feast and outdoor expo. Come see why Sequatchie Valley is Chattanooga’s cycling playground! #CycleSequatchie


Choose from four super scenic routes, ranging from a relaxed 16-mile loop to a Metric Century and a 78-mile ride with a timed K.O.M. climbing challenge – with prizes on the line! There’s something for everyone!


Reward yourself after the ride with a farm-to-table buffet from local farms like Sequatchie Cove Farm, along with world-famous pies and desserts from the Cookie Jar Cafe. Plus beer from some of our favorite Chattanooga breweries and fresh-pressed cider from Wheeler’s Orchard!


Check out outdoor retailers, outdoor recreation groups, conservation organizations, local farms, and more at the Sequatchie Valley/South Cumberland outdoor expo! Plus post-ride recovery massage with the A-Team, games from Step Up Sequatchie, and a bounce house for the kids!


It’s more than a bike ride! We also have plenty of non-cycling attractions on tap for the weekend highlighting all of the other fun outdoor recreation opportunities available in Sequatchie Valley and the South Cumberland Plateau!


Proceeds from Cycle Sequatchie will benefit conservation efforts in Sequatchie Valley and the South Cumberland Plateau led by the Land Trust for Tennessee – working to preserve what makes this region so special!