Sat. 3/14

Roll from Mikes (Chilhowee lot) @ 8:30.  Chase TB and then make a decision at Murphy Hollow. Can add miles at the end if desired.

Sat. 2/29 Sun. 3/1

Extra day this year to ride, but weather ain’t cooperating. We’ll join TB Saturday for a Riverview Hills ride for anyone wanting to brave the cold. Roll from Mike’s Hole in the Wall at 9:30. Sunday should be nicer so plan on a makeup ride rolling from Mike’s at 1:30pm. Route TBD.

Sat. 2/15

Couple of options in the morning to combat the cold. One don’t ride, two roll from Mike’s Hole in the Wall at 10:30 and decide between the following:

  • Riverview Hills
  • Elite’s Cold Weather route (see map) that’s 54 miles but has multiple places to short if your Raynaud’s kicks in
  • TB route that heads south thru Chattanooga Valley, up 136 and back via Creek Rd. (see map)

Lunch/beer after ride at Mike’s

Ride with GPS

Survival Sunday

Tough planning around church, the weather, and the Titans but Bubba will do the best he can.  Roll at 12:30 and then again at 2:00 from Suck Creek Cycle.   12:30 route climbs the front of Signal and returns to Suck for the 2:00 roll.  2:00 route does 15 miles of the riverview hills.  Should be back to Suck Creek by 3:15 for game at Mikes.  Those who could care less about football do another loop or until their toes get too cold (39 but feels like 33).   If too cold to climb Signal  the 12:30 group will do a warm up lap of the hills.

Ride with GPS


Well, I was hoping the weather man would change his mind but it doesn’t look like he will. So, no ride for tomorrow. Check back Saturday night for a Sunday post – if the weatherman is correct and it “feels” like 35 degrees at 2:00 Sunday, we’ll probably roll from Mike’s Hole for the north chatt hills since that’ll be about the only way to stay warm. The good news is we did steal a week or two from winter so heck, counting weekends and TVA holidays it’s only like 2 weeks until spring!

Sat. 01/11 No Rain Contingency

Dark Sky now shows a break from rain from about 6am until 2pm for Saturday. As a contingency roll at 9am from Mike’s Hole in the Wall for the Saturday rain ride. That way if mother nature wags her finger you have multiple ways to bail. 46 miles as drawn up. Park behind Mike’s in the lot at the corner of W. Bell and Chilhowie St. Whoever shows up first is the leader and can modify route as they see fit.

Ride with GPS


Time for the Beast. Roll at 9:00 from the General’s House (4101 Wilson Ave. Signal Mtn.) or meet us as we roll past Merv’s around 9:25. Annual climb up Robert’s Mill. Post ride festivities at the General’s. Bring a side dish to share and your favorite beverages. We’ll be milling with a bunch of runners who think running up the W is something to brag about. 


Ride with GPS