Sat. 11/25

Elites will roll with TB from Chickamauga Food Lion at 9am and roll with them through LaFayette until mile 17.1 where we’ll continue south on hwy 337 to mile 22.5 where we’ll take a right on Chamberlin Rd. and pick up the TB route again. Total miles 47. See map for full details.

Sat. 11/18 Grinder Memorial Ride

Elites will have a no climb version for the Grinder Memorial Ride.  Roll at 8:30 from the John Patten Community Center in Tiftonia (3202 Kellys Ferry Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37419) with TB. We’ll stop at the store with the “Grinder Wall” at mile 27.1. From there we’ll return via stair steps. 57 miles.

Elites Sat. 11/11

Elites (at least some of them) will roll from Mike’s at 9am for this classic that heads north to Falling Water, up Montlake climb, down Hotwater, head north to Bakewell and then cross over Hwy 27 and back via Lee to Armstrong, swing by Foot Washing Church and back. See map. Couple of wrinkles that keep you off of Mountain Creek Rd. Options include 1) picking up the group at Falling Water (mile 12.5 so roughly 9:45), 2)  skipping Montlake climb and meeting back up at the bottom of Hot Water. Your choice of the route to get there, and of course 3) is just starting at the Soddy Ball fields.

Elites Sat. 11/4

Elites are on a hiatus this weekend, but recommend the TB rides and supporting the Bluegrass Festival in the Cove. A shorter option is the gravel portion of TB which means just turn around at mile 11 and return.

Freddy Lite Sat. 10/28

Freddy Lite will start from Powell’s Crossroads at approximately 9:15 EDT when TB rolls by or start early to get out ahead of them. Same route as TB from there except it’s only 40 miles.

Sat. 10/7

Elites will roll from St. Elmo Food City at 9am to let things warm up a little and reduce the confusion over what group you follow at the start. Will be doing the Marble Top/Hog Jowl loop. 53 miles, here’s the map –

Sat. 9/30

Option 1 – Chase TB for the full ride.

Option 2 – Roll with TB at 8:30 from the St. Elmo Food Lion and chase them out Marble Top and up the mountain. At the top turn right on Hinkle Rd (Hwy 157) and then descend via Nick-A-Jack. Return to Food Lion via the Fish Hook (see map). 43 miles.

Sat. 9/23

Roll from the Little White Church in Sequatchie Valley at 9:30 am EDT for probably the route to Pikeville, but we’ll decide in the morning. Rumor has it that Fish will be ushering in a new era of riding (at least for him). The times they are a changin’