Update from Boss

As expected, USA Cycling has issued guidance about Covid 19. Bubba will abide by that guidance (see link) and will pause rides for the next week or two.   I expect some in the group will post rides and folks will likely show up for “standing” rides, but as a club we need to be proactive and abide by what folks such as USA Cycling recommend. (Bubba has enough problems making friends with motorists and the public in general so we don’t need to be a featured news story about how we spread the virus.)

For those who decide to post rides or show up for standing rides, a good strategy may be to break the group into smaller groups with some spacing between groups and perhaps some riding the course backwards. Some publications recommend  keeping smaller groups to the same folks each week to minimize cross-contamination risks since it appears folks may be contagious without having symptoms. Of course, everything I’ve seen encourages us to keep riding, just not in large groups. 

Keep in mind that a decision to be completely cavalier about the threat is not only a decision you make for yourself but also one that in essence you make for those you are in contact with such as your parents and other elderly folks.

Bubba will evaluate info as it becomes available. Our hope is that a week from now we learn all this was overblown, rides resume,  and my name is changed to “Chicken Little.”