TB Saturday 5/18

In honor of the IM 70.3 on Sunday, Bubba will hit up some of the IM roads. It looks like the roads will be wet and it may still be raining, so stay tuned for updates and make your own judgments. Plan to roll from Steady’s Campground at 8:30. Store stop at mile 45.8.

When: 8:30
Where: Steady’s Campground at St. Elmo Food City
Stats: 64 miles and 3,140 ft

TB and Elites Saturday 5/11

Fly and Man in Black have put together a route from the “good ole days” when MiB was new to Chattanooga back in the 90s. It’s 67.5 miles starting from the Battlefield with some nice roads south of Lafayette that Bubba doesn’t get to very often. Refuel stop options are Catlett Groc on Round Pond (19.7), Lucky Groc on 136 (25.3), and Uncle Jed’s at 193/Chamberlain (46.1).

The Elite route splits off at 22.8 miles where the longer route goes south on Cook Rd and stays on Round Pond into Lafayette. Jog through Lafayette to pass the Circle K for a store stop option at 28 miles in addition to the earlier one above at Catlett Groc. 48 miles total.

When: 8:30
Where: Chickamauga Battlefield Visitor Center

67.5 miles with 3,750 ft

48 miles with 2,400 ft

TB Sat. 5/4 – RAIN DELAY

Rain Delay – Bub 1 will update around 9:30-10. Possibly 11:00 rollout
Instead of paying George to ride on your own roads, here’s an alternative for all the Cheapskate Bubbas! Stay after the ride for a world-class Bluegrass Festival (foreverbluegrass.com/) for FREE! Hot, homemade concessions available. (BYOB)
Both routes start at 9:00 am from the Manor House at Mountain Cove Farms (https://maps.app.goo.gl/6K6A9EBEA9V9esdw6). There is rain in the forecast, so check the weather before you head out.
The old tried and true route featuring Little River Canyon:
And the gravel/mix option:

TB Saturday 4/13

Bubba will head north this weekend for a trip up Retro Hughes, across the top via Hell of the North, and back down Montlake. Post-ride refreshments at Monkeytown or Pizza Cortile.


When: 8:30 a.m.
Where: Red Bank City Park (3899 Redding Rd, Red Bank, TN 37415)
Stats: 62 miles and 4,100 ft
Store stop at mile 36

Route:  Red Bank to Retro Hughes

TB Saturday 4/6

Cooler weather moves back in, and Bubba searches for a climb without too much traffic. We will roll from Steady’s Campground at 8:30 for a trip out to the Goat Path.

Where: Steady’s Campground aka St. Elmo Food City
When: 8:30

Stats: 62 miles and 4,000 ft

Store stop @ Mile 35.3

TB Saturday 3/23

With the current forecast of rain early Saturday morning, Team Bubbas and the Elites are going a shorter route with some Hillz thrown in. Leaving Mike’s Hole in the Wall at 10:00 for anyone that wants to jump on.



Just under 40 miles with 3000′ of elevation.   .


Watching the forecast over the next day. If it looks like the weather will be clear on Saturday we will post a ride with the usual metric distance.

TB Saturday 3/16

How about a visit to our old neglected friend, Mr. Burkhalter? Roll from Mike’s at 9:00 for a trip south up and over Lookout.
Start locations: Mike’s Hole in the Wall Chilhowie St parking lot
Start time: 9:00 a.m.
Store stop at mile 39.5 at the 136 store
Stats: 61.2 miles and 3,960 ft

Saturday 3/9

Here we go again with more rain forecast this Saturday.   I will host a 2 hour  Zwift ride at 8:30 AM and all Bubbas are welcome to join.  Heck, no reason to make it exclusive to Bubbas,  feel free to invite your cousin, neighbors, or mother-in-law’s so long as they are a Zwift subscriber they are welcome to suffer with the rest of us.

The rules are same as prior events:

In order to join up you: 

  1. Need to be a Zwift subscriber.
  2. Have to follow me on Zwift (jim Shea).  Feel free to discontinue after Saturday. 

I have already invited those folks who joined up on the last ride.  If you have not joined in previously but want to participate reply back to this email and be sure to include your name as listed on Zwift..  Late Friday I will revise the invites via Zwift to add new participants to this Meetup.  We have a planned session of 2 hours but allow late starters and early exits.  As in the past you are not able to leave the Bubba pack as I am using Zwift setting “Keep Everyone Together”.  However,  we all need to work together to keep a strong combined average pace.  In other words NO SANDBAGGING so you can kick hard to get sprint points!

If we have a divine intervention and the weather clears up we will post a ride from the Bubba route library late Friday.    Hopefully the weather will improve next week.