Saturday 3/17/18

Roll from St Elmo Food City at 10:00.   We’re pushing the rain so check the website for start delays!  We’ll jet down to the cove, up Daughtery, turn and back down, and ride the Hog to mix things up on the way back.   65 miles. 3200 feet.   Post-ride lunch at Zorro’s.

Saturday 3/3/18

Fish and King are up for the Elites celebrating the Monster sighting but with a shorter option. We’ll ride together until we get to Jasper and then Elites will return via the Stair Steps instead of up the back of Suck. Full route just a little shorter at 65 miles, but if folks want to start in Tiftonia they can do that route and it’s 55 miles. Here’s the map for that option.

Saturday 3/3/18

Roll at 9:30 from Unum.   (It will be in the low 40s but warming quickly.)  Sorta like Halley’s Comet, we only spot Monster (known to newer Bubbas only as SpeedBump) every 75 years or so and seeing him at Twilight Tuesday made us want to do his birthday ride which we did in like 1845.    (We have no idea when his birthday actually is so no presents required.)   Out 299, over Ladd, across the blue (or is it green bridge) to South Pitt, past Steady’s liquor store, to Jasper and then the Valley View raceway and up Suck.   (Folks promised Tuesday to take it easy but we know how that will turn out.)    70 miles and we’ll keep it moving with a few regroupings and refueling in South Pitt.

Saturday 2/22

We’ll keep it simple for Saturday. Joint TB/Elite ride rolls from Unum at 8:30. Basic route. Out Market St. through Flintstone, Marble Top, climb Hwy 136, and back via Creek Rd. Strongmen can climb Lookout at the end. Check the map if you intend jumping on somewhere other than the Unum start and for a couple of other fun wrinkles. King will be in charge. 56 miles and 3,000 feet of climbing.

Sunday February 18th

Roll Sunday @ 1:30 from the old Signal Rd Kmart or at 2:10 from the old Falling Water School. (Yes, I know we are wearing out the roads north of town but this route offers lots of places to jump on/off and less congested climbs. We’ll head south as soon as it stops raining every Saturday.) Climb Montlake, down Hotwater, and then the Lee, May, Armstrong loop. A metric from Kmart, call it 40+ from Falling Water. Lots of ways to short it. Optional climb up the front of Signal at the end will get strong men to 75.