Saturday 3/3/18

Roll at 9:30 from Unum.   (It will be in the low 40s but warming quickly.)  Sorta like Halley’s Comet, we only spot Monster (known to newer Bubbas only as SpeedBump) every 75 years or so and seeing him at Twilight Tuesday made us want to do his birthday ride which we did in like 1845.    (We have no idea when his birthday actually is so no presents required.)   Out 299, over Ladd, across the blue (or is it green bridge) to South Pitt, past Steady’s liquor store, to Jasper and then the Valley View raceway and up Suck.   (Folks promised Tuesday to take it easy but we know how that will turn out.)    70 miles and we’ll keep it moving with a few regroupings and refueling in South Pitt.