Freddy XIV – Sat. 10/28

New routes this year that avoid a road closer and reduce the time on top of Fredonia Mountain, but don’t worry there is still plenty of pain and stupidity to go around. The full route will start at River Drifters at 8:30, meeting the lite route in Powell’s Crossroads around 9:15 (eastern).
Full start location: Across the street from River Drifters in the unpaved parking area (
Lite start location: Powell’s Crossroads. Use your judgment on the best place to park.
Official regroup/stop locations: Powell’s Crossroads, top of Daus at Bluebird Rd (full mile 27.2, lite mile 15.0), Palmer Market BP gas station, and bottom of 108 decent in Whitwell
Full start time: 8:30
Lite start time: 9:15
It is highly recommended that you load the route onto your device.

Elites Sat. 10/21

Elites, take note many options all based on Crack’ems rides

  1. Fort Mountain Ride
  2. Mike’s alternative ride 50 miles
  3. Mike’s alternative but starting at St. Elmo Food City. They’ll be cruising by on Broad St. about 8:45 so don’t miss them. Reduces mileage to about 40.
  4. Mike’s alternative but starting in Tiftonia. Expect them to cruise by on Kelly’s Ferry about 9:00. Reduces mileage to about 35.

Bubba’s Fireworks (7/4)

Assuming the weather doesn’t make Bubba’s fireworks duds, roll Tuesday at 9:00 from the BeezleBub Ranch – 1546 Burnt Mill Rd. Flintstone GA 30725.  Simmer down northerners – we know there have been lots of southern starts lately and we’ll make that up soon.   (We’ll stick to the map so easy to jump on in St Elmo, on Riverfront, or around Erlanger if you want to park north.  My money says Link rolls from Aldi!)

Bacon dogs, brats, fixins, and perhaps some Sweetie cobbler post ride!   BeezleBub and Sweetie can’t claim us as dependents just yet so make sure you hit the tip jar.  (Yes, that includes you $00.)

Please remember this is a base pace, holiday ride with the goal being to reconnect with folks, not snag KOMs.   If your head goes down it won’t be fireworks you hear, it’ll be me screaming hurtful things at you.

Here’s the map (starting at Food City so we’ll head there from Bub’s to do the loop):

Big Bubba thanks to BeezleBub and Sweetie for hosting again!

P.S.  Remember the giant crevasse in the bridge between Erlanger and Warner Park.   Despite our best efforts someone has flatted there like 5 years in a row.  Perhaps we finally get that monkey wrench off our back this year!  (You see what I did right there Steady?)


TB 5/6 – BeezleBub Bluegrass!

It’s time for the BeezleBub Bluegrass Bubba Bash, and BeezleBub has selected the Little River Canyon route which is a Bubba favorite.   Roll @ 9:00 from the Cove.  70 miles, 5000 feet.   You can cut off the climb up Daughtery by starting at John Carroll’s on top.  Here’s the map:


BeezleBub will check the weather Sat morning and send out an email if there is a change in takeoff time.

Saturday & Sunday 12/1-2

Okay, so Saturday won’t be fit for man or Will-de-beast.   So, roll Sunday at 1:30 (Bubba don’t post over church) from the old Signal Rd Kmart (now Aldi) for the Hotwater loop. We know that’s not exciting but it’s desperate times given the weather. TB and Elites. “Winter pace” although we will go fast enough to keep Steady and #3 from talking about the Cracker Barrel that was at the bottom of Missionary Ridge during the Civil War. (Rudy, am I wrong to not want to hear any more about that?)

Don’t forget Bub 1’s Bluegrass Christmas Saturday night. BYOB and that’s not bring your own Bubba!