Freddy XIV – Sat. 10/28

New routes this year that avoid a road closer and reduce the time on top of Fredonia Mountain, but don’t worry there is still plenty of pain and stupidity to go around. The full route will start at River Drifters at 8:30, meeting the lite route in Powell’s Crossroads around 9:15 (eastern).
Full start location: Across the street from River Drifters in the unpaved parking area (
Lite start location: Powell’s Crossroads. Use your judgment on the best place to park.
Official regroup/stop locations: Powell’s Crossroads, top of Daus at Bluebird Rd (full mile 27.2, lite mile 15.0), Palmer Market BP gas station, and bottom of 108 decent in Whitwell
Full start time: 8:30
Lite start time: 9:15
It is highly recommended that you load the route onto your device.