TB Weekend

I knew I shouldn’t have shaken Willie’s hand at the Chimney Ride because I think I caught Renee fingers from him!    (For newer Bubbas it’s actually Raynaud fingers but, well, we re-named it more appropriately.)      For Bubbas who still have good blood flow in their extremities, the Elite ride tomorrow is a good option if you promise to behave.    For those of us with Renee, roll Sat from Mike’s Hole at 10 for the dreaded Riverview Hills for as long as our toes and fingers last – somewhat boring but we’ll get plenty of exercise and stay as warm as possible on a sub-40 day.  

 Makeup ride rolls Sunday @ 2 from Mikes.    Toe, Elder climb, climb out of Raccoon, then Cummings and 299.     Depending on how fast we go we may have time for a trip up Lookout to Sanders at the end.    Without Sanders it’s 50 miles, 3100 feet, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, 50 DEGREES!