Sat 2/8

Weatherman keeps changing his mind so here’s what we’re throwing out BUT CHECK BACK IN THE MORNING FOR CHANGES.   ROLL FROM MIKES’ HOLE IN THE WALL AT 10:00 – REMEMBER TO PARK IN THE LOT ON CHILHOWEE STREET.   We’ll try to stay warm early on the Dry Valley rollers, climb 136 but minimize our time on top by dropping down the other side right away and coming back on the Creek Rd rollers.     All this is contingent on the temps (and rain of course) and BeezleBub is working on alternatives.   (I told him to work in a place where most of us can get to the cars at mile 60 instead of doing the full 150 mile route I expect he has in mind.)   The map is of the posted route (ignore the Unum start – we’ll be starting at Mike’s).