Sat 3/14


Weatherman can’t make up his mind so we’ll pretend everything is fine.     Roll from Mikes (Chilhowee lot) @ 8:30.     Toe, Creek, Morganville Ridge, up Sand and across, down the good side, Ladd and 299 back.   (Temps on top supposed to be the same as off the mtn so we’ll take advantage and get some time up top.)    It’s a metric and 4200 feet.   Easy to short it by going Murphy Hollow instead of climbing.    Map is from Unum but WE ARE ROLLING FROM MIKES NOT UNUM.

 Bubba is keeping an eye on publications by national bicycle associations for guidance about Covid 19.    If the modeling is correct, there’s a good chance we suspend TB rides for a week or two beginning next week as it spreads through our community.   Certainly none of us want to wreck the respiratory/cardio systems we work so hard to develop.   More importantly we don’t want to spread it to elderly parents and elderly folks we sit on the pew with, or medically fragile folks we work or otherwise come in contact with, and we need to do what we can to flatten the curve on health care demands.     (Look, Rudy enters the high risk age category in 2 weeks!)     Perhaps the best thing we can do is stay fit but we can do that in smaller groups.   Heck, may even be time to break out the mtn bikes – Unit says he “socially distances” from me on the mtn bike by always staying a mile or two in front.     We’ll keep you posted about that.   FOR NOW, DO NOT SHOW UP FOR A RIDE IF YOU DON’T FEEL WELL.