BUBBAS, some reminders to help us be good citizens during the Tuesday night ride:

  • We’ll move the start time back as we gain daylight in an effort to avoid climbing Hotwater during rush hour.  You’ll remember we switched the route to Hotwater a few years ago to give them more time and to avoid the more heavily traveled Mtn Rd.
  • Let’s be extra sensitive about never riding more than 2 abreast and doing what we can to help cars pass the groups.  When climbing or descending, let’s stay single file and as far to the right as possible.  There have been complaints about folks holding up traffic while descending as well – I understand some of you can go as fast as the traffic but just keep in mind the motorist’s perspective and move over and even slow down at many of the places they may pass (such as just after the switchback to the left near the top) and let ’em by.  If folks do get stuck behind you on the descent wave a thanks when you get to the bottom and they pass, it’s common curtesy. Along those lines, we should never pass cars going down or tailgate cars whether they are going slow on their own or because they are caught behind a cyclist – doing either of those is just bad form.
  • Keep your hands on your bars even when you have more than good reason to show one finger. Shake your head if you need to and leave it at that even if you get buzzed, cursed, etc.  I’ve seen hundreds of encounters between a cyclist and motorist yet not one when the motorist was convinced he/she was in the wrong so there’s really no need to engage them.