Christmas Eve Rides

Option 1: The Fly will be leading a ride Friday 12/24 rolling from Ridgeland High School at 9:30. Plan on about 50 miles that will head down towards the Cove. Merry Christmas to all. Combined ride so don’t be naughty, be nice.

Option 2:  For the elves out there who think short is beautiful, roll at 9:30 from the little white Methodist church on Signal (across from Xtreme sports) at 9:30.   Corral, Marshall Creek Gorge, Forest Park climb, and then we’ll decide whether to drop down W and climb the front or find other stuff to climb such as Shoal Creek.   Never too far from the cars so jump off anytime.   Count on 2.5-3 hours and say 2500-3000 feet.

Merry Christmas to Bubbas everywhere!