TB 7/2 and 7/4

Roll Sat @ 8:30 from St Elmo Food City.    Head south and get the climb out of the way early with everyone’s not so favorite – Nickajack.    Left on Hinkle at the top (PLEASE REGROUP AT THE TOP OF THE BIG HILL!), Humping Dog backwards (that doesn’t sound right), then down 136 and Marble back.   58 miles, 4000 feet, with those needing a metric finding Mighty Mike Miles at the end while the rest of us fight off the flies at Steady’s campground.   Here’s the map:   https://ridewithgps.com/routes/38120455

 Roll Monday @ 9:00 from the BeezleBub Chicken Ranch (1546 Burnt Mill Rd. Flintstone GA 30725) for the Holiday Ride.    Folks north of town can jump on in St Elmo or on River Street to save some drive time.   Normal holiday route, 42 miles, 2600 feet.   REMEMBER THIS IS A HOLIDAY RIDE WITH THE GOAL BEING TO GET FOLKS OUT WHO MAY NOT RIDE WITH US OFTEN.   IF YOU ARE MORE WORRIED ABOUT YOUR STRAVA NUMBERS THAN THE FOLKS IN THE GROUP FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO.    Sweetie and BeelzeBub are cooking up some lunch for Bubba so stick around post-ride.   (He told me all the stuff they’re fixin but I lost focus as soon as he said there’d be bacon.)   Here’s the map BUT REMEMBER THE MAIN GROUP STARTS FROM BUB’S NOT ST ELMO:   https://ridewithgps.com/routes/36208471