TB 7/30

We’ll stay south again this week and let our neighbors up north cool a bit longer although I’m not sure Bubba’s absence makes their hearts grow fonder.  Roll from the St Elmo Food City @ 8:00.  Toe, 299, Ladd, up Sand (good road), across the top, and down Slygo.  Regroup at all the normal places INCLUDING AT THE TOP OF THE BIG HILL AFTER THE TRUCK STOP, AT THE END OF 299, AFTER LADD BEFORE THE CLIMB, AT THE STORE ON THE LEFT AT THE TOP (REFUELING), AND AFTER THE DESCENT.   CAREFUL DESCENDING BECAUSE THOSE SWITCHBACKS MAY HAVE GRAVEL IN THEM AFTER ALL THE RAIN THIS WEEK.  A metric and 3800 feet.  Add the nature center loop or climb to Sanders for more up.