TB 11/19-11/20

Frigid early Saturday so roll from Mike’s Hole @ 10:30 Saturday (hopefully close to 40 by then).   Head north for a climb up Mtn Rd.   Descend Montlake and head back for 45 miles, 3000 feet, and back to Mike’s by around 1:00.    Descend Hotwater, head a bit farther north on Back Valley before making the turn, and it should get you a metric.   Here’s the map with the Montlake descent (don’t be confused since the map is titled “Sunday Makeup” – it’s the Sat ride this time).  https://ridewithgps.com/routes/40134954

Sunday On Signal riders will add some adventure this week by working in a gravel segment.  Roll Sunday from Walden Town Hall @ 1:00 (earlier than the usual 2:00 start).    We’ll do a road loop and then hit some sweet single track that ties into the main dirt road going to Edwards Point.   At the Point decisions must be made – if the leaves aren’t bad one option will be turn right to tie into the jeep roads that wind around and come out near the soccer fields.   Other, shorter, option is to ride back up and out the main dirt road.   Count on 1.5 – 3.0 hours depending on whether we do the jeep road option at the Point and how many times I get us lost.