TB 1/1

Roll @ 1:00 Sunday from Steady’s Campground (St Elmo Food City) for the makeup loop south we planned for a few weeks ago until the drizzle kept us flat.  (Yep Sting, the one Scruffy bailed on.  There are no more superheroes.)    Up Elder, down Raccoon (don’t go to the top), Cummings, down the stairs, Murphy, and then back to 299 with the Nature Center kicker.   Easy to short it by staying on 299 instead of going Murphy, and easy to add on by turning right on Slygo at the bottom of Sand and winding around to Creek.  Good jumping on places for those wanting a later start are old BiLo in Tiftonia and Raccoon Pump Station.  As mapped 47 miles, 3500 feet – although relatively short, Bubba will get lots of exercise on this route.