TB 2/4

We’ll stick with the plan of rolling as early as we hit 40 degrees.  Roll from Mike’s at 11:00 for basically the summer Tuesday night loop. (Okay, okay, it won’t be 40 yet but the sun will be out and it’ll get to 40 soon after we roll.)   Tough to be creative this time of day with the traffic particularly on the climbs so it’s familiar roads with a few twists as we head north for a climb up Hotwater.   Down Montlake and back for 52 miles, 3500 feet.   (Those needing the magic number can add the loop up top (Mowbry Pike/Henson loop) or perhaps a loop at the bend to get there.)  We’ll keep it moving since some will need to get back with one quick stop after the Montlake descent.  Should be back by 2:30 or so.