TB 2/18

Roll from Mikes @ 11:00 (when we should be close to the magic temp #).    South over the toe and wind our way around to Creek Rd and Morganville Ridge.   RIGHT ON SLYGO and then the left to get back to the foot of Sand where we’ll climb up to the sweet new tarmac on Murphy Hollow.   Murphy to 299, quick stop at the store at the bottom of the stairs, and then the stairs (via BeezleBub’s side road) and back.   Lots of ways to short it including: (i) staying on Slygo back to 299 should put it in the 40+/- range (I’m guessing here); and (ii) turning right on 299 after Murphy should put it in the 50+/- range and avoid the stairs and those nasty rollers on Cummings.  As mapped 60 miles. 3500 feet.