TB 4/15

Roll from Red Bank Elementary at 8:30 – it’s just past the foot of the W on the right going down Mountain Creek Road.   (Folks at the Aldi center aren’t big on Bubba taking up parking spots and we don’t want to wear out our welcome at the old Pizza Hut lot.)   We’ll warm up with a SPIN up the W.   As always we’ll stagger groups of 5 or so going up to hold down Facebook complaints, and if you want an even gentler spin up help us break up the group by heading straight up the W out of the school instead of doing the short 2-mile segment down Runyon on the map.   REMEMBER TO REGROUP AT THE TOP OF THE “Ws” on East Brow (don’t go all the way to Taft), and we’ll then head down the Marshall Creek Gorge, off the back of Signal (ouch), up Henson Gap (another ouch), the 10-longest miles across Mowbry (yep, you’re getting the “ouch” idea), down Montlake and back.   60 miles, 5000 feet, but it’ll feel like much, much more.