TB 4/22

Roll from the St Elmo Food City @ 9:00 (giving the roads a little more time to dry because we’ll be getting to it early).   Up Nickajack (ouch).  Regroup at the church, spin the 1 mile climb from there keeping the group together, and then the heads go down to 136.   Humping dog loop clockwise letting the strong, smooth fellers do the work pulling us as it’s a bad idea to attack on this stretch with all the hills and turns – I promise you’ll get plenty of exercise.   Back across the top and down 136 to refuel at the store at the bottom where decisions must be made.   Head back the normal Marble Top/Dry Valley route for 59 miles and 4000 feet, or head down 193 on the Ironman course (for those wanting a look) to Cove Road through Chickamauga for 66 miles and 3900 feet.  There will be a bit of a headwind either way but hopefully staying on the east side of Lookout will tap it back a little.  Here are the maps: