TB 6/3

Roll Saturday at 8:30 from Falling Water.    Up Mtn Road, across the 10-longest miles, and then the Hell of the North the hard way (ouch!).   Shouldn’t be much traffic on Mtn Rd since we’ll be there early, but let’s remember to be good citizens and stay single file.   We’ll spend lots of time up top and then descend Leggett to Stormer/Old Dayton (reverse direction from a few weeks ago) and back.  Great loop and we’ll shed a few degrees by staying on top a long time since it’s gonna be blistering.  Some folks are on tight schedules so we’ll keep this one moving with one store stop on top after the climb – hope to be back by 12:30.  (Around 50 miles back to the cars after the store stop so bring an extra bottle if you need one.)  It’s a metric and 3500 feet but it’ll feel like much, much more.