TB 7/8

Roll at 8:30 from Falling Water.   Brayton climb via Old Dayton and Stormer.   (Have I said how much I hate that climb?)  Descend Leggett and hopefully someone will pull us home via Back Valley at a comfortable zone 3 pace as JC did last week since it’s gonna be dangerously hot again.   A metric and 3700 feet according to RideWGPS, but I believe when we did this four months ago it’s actually like 4200 feet.


Folks, another reminder that TB rides are spirited group rides and that everyone joining has an obligation to the group.  If you want to turn up the earbuds and blow through stop lights without worrying about people who got caught by them,  or if you want to put your head down and hammer through stop signs and other regrouping points, this isn’t the ride for you and go somewhere else.