Tuesday Night Worlds Reminder 3/20/18

Same plan as last week. Elites roll at 5:30 and No Stop Ride at 5:45

  1. We’ll bypass Green Pond and the Foot Washing church for a few weeks until the days get long enough to include. Instead we’ll take Miller Rd,  Card Rd to Day Pike, cross over and Loop Rd to get to the bottom of Hotwater. (see map)
  2. It’s been reported that there is some road work on the 2nd turn on Levi Rd with some nasty gravel. No warning sign so be careful.
  3. As always Elites will regroup at end of Selcer Rd before left on Dayton Pike, end of Frontage, and at the Bank at the bottom of climb. Play nice I’m sure there will be some new folks joining.

Finally “No Stop Ride” aka NSR will roll at 5:45 and follow the same course. To roll with the Elites you’ll have to present your authorized Elite membership card…