Saturday 7/7

Weatherman promises it will be a little cooler tomorrow but seein’ as how I don’t believe him TB will roll early to beat the heat.   Roll @ 8:00 from Unum.   Toe, 299, over Ladd to South Pitt (where we’ll pick up a bottle at Steady’s place for the pool party), refuel at the fireworks store, then the back road where Squeaky likes to swim, and back Cummings (up the stairs).     REMEMBER TO REGROUP ON 299 AFTER “TRUCK STOP HILL” OR I’LL SAY HURTFUL THINGS.    Should be a fairly fast route and back before 12.   66 miles, 3400 feet.    For Bubba’s who must get 4000 feet before they do a cannon ball into the pool, up Lookout to Sanders for 70 miles and 4000 feet.  (Yes, BubOne, we know you are.)