Sat. 8/17

Roll at 8:00 from the Aldi on Signal Mtn Rd (yes, old timers, the old Kmart).     We’ll head north for a climb up Retro, HON (ouch!), the 10 longest miles across Mowbry, down Montlake and back.   REGROUP AT THE SWITCHBACK TO THE LEFT WHERE IT FLATTENS OUT ON TOP SO WE CAN ROLL THE 10 MILES ACROSS THE RETRO ROLLERS TOGETHER – TAKES FOREVER IF WE’RE SPREAD OUT.  70 miles, 4200 feet.   (Stop fussing, it’s the easiest I could make it with a climb up Retro from the KMart.)    If you don’t want that much pain, jump on in falling water which shaves it to a more manageable 50 miles.   Rolling the dice that the water is still on at the store on Retro, otherwise we’ll be in trouble with the first water stop not being until we finish the longest 10.    Safe bet may be to carry 3 bottles.   Post-ride refueling at Merv’s.