Sat. 9/4 & Mon. 9/6

Roll from Soddy Ball Fields @ 8:30 Sat for a Bubba Elite favorite – Leggett, Ogden, Cranmore.  (We’ve been saving this one for cooler weather and we’ll have it Saturday!) We’ll fill bottles at the church on top and have a store stop in Graysville. Okay, I know this looks strangely like TB’s ride for Saturday because it is. When they blow by I’m sure some will try to latch on, just know at some point I’ll come along and sweep you up. This ride will have us spread all over the mountain, so just find your group and have fun. Also know that you might be able to play Uber and give folks a ride home when done.

Monday is the Holiday Ride +  BeezleBub’s Birthday Bash so we’ll roll from his compound (1546 Burnt Mill Rd Flintstone GA 30725) @ 9:00.   Usual holiday route (40+/- miles) with birthday natties and BBQ at the end.  (Thanks Sweetie!)