TB 8/13

Roll Sat from Mike’s Hole (Chilhowie lot please) @ 8:00  for some old and some new. (If you like the early start buy me something; if you hate it blame JJ and Fly.)   Head south for the old with a climb up 136 Trenton side.   The new is a bit of an unconventional way of getting there because Bub wants some adventure in his life.   As Slicker says, “If you don’t know where we’re goin stay off the front before you crash us!”   On top we’ll hit the Hinkle/Lula Lake stretch and let’s try to stay together for a least a bit so no one shuts down their kidneys. Should be 20 degrees cooler than the last few weeks so hopefully Steady’s organs are safe.  A metric and 3800 feet but lots of stingers so it’ll feel like more.   Please be careful and courteous going down Ochs at the end.