TB 8/20

Roll @ 8:00 from St Elmo Food City.   Over the toe and then right to work with a climb up Elder/Raccoon.  (Stop whining – Elder is too steep for an old man with metal hips so I hate it too!)  We’ll do the loop up top, then descend Raccoon for the Cummings/Murphy Hollow stretch.   Only 58 miles (don’t panic MM) but 4400 feet and it’ll feel like much more because we all know what’s gonna happen on Cummings and Murphy Hollow.  Regroup at stop signs (that means everyone) and at the bait store at the bottom of the stairs even though it’s closed.  We’ll refuel at the store after Murphy Hollow.  Don’t regroup on Raccoon so that MM and the other sickos can ride down to the stop sign at Cummings then turn and ride backwards to regroup (should get em to the 60 mile mark so they won’ have to do too many laps at Food City). Lots of ways to short the route and you can even short the climb by heading down after Elder.  Those taking a more gentle approach climbing should ride the loop up top clockwise (turn left) until they meet the group.