Tuesday 12/5

Roll from Whole Foods between 4;00 and 6:00 for laps at the Bend.   Jump on and off the loop as you have time.   The Hillz group rolls at 4:00 from Whole Foods or meet on the ridge at 4:10.

Rich Rudner of Chattanooga Bicycle Club will be at Whole Foods to shoot more video clips for Boss‘ Chattanooga Cycling Hall of Fame video. He will be in the back left (northwest) corner of the parking lot (where we park to ride) around 5:20. If you want to shoot a video, please be there between 5:20 and 5:45 with a bubba kit to wear. The videos only consist of you saying your bubba name, so they don’t take long to shoot. This will likely be the last opportunity to do this, so please come out tomorrow if you haven’t already shot your video with Rich.