4th of July Holiday Ride and TB Sat. 7/6

First, Bubba will head to Bub One and Sweetie’s house on Thursday for a holiday ride followed by festivities and shenanigans with BBQ, Bacondogs, sides, and blackberry cobbler. BYOB. The pool is open. I’m told swimsuits are recommended but not required. Friends and family are welcome to join.

On Saturday, Bubba will exchange some climbing for some mileage riding up the W, down the back of Signal, and back over Suck.

Holiday Ride 7/4
When: 9:00
Where: Bub One’s house, 1546 Burnt Mill Rd, Flintstone, GA 3072
Stats: 42 miles and 2,500 ft

Saturday Ride 7/6
When: 8:30
Stats: 57 miles and 5,040