Saturday 2/2

Roll from Falling Water @ 9:30 for a Bubba favorite. Yes, the Armstrong/Lee/May raceway up to Daugherty Ferry with an optional climb up Hotwater.  Optional loop on top (gonna be cool Sat morning but should be warmer by the time we get there) and lots of ways to short it for those with less time or desire.   As mapped it’s 60 miles, 3500 feet for the whole enchilada. Strong men wanting more should roll from the Aldi (Kmart) at 8:50 – that stretches it to 80+.  And remember fellers, it’s February so if you are looking for a full-blown hammerfest look elsewhere.

And even more important than the usual Ginger vs Mary Ann debate, Bubba will spend the majority of this one debating whether it’s Merv’s or H&A post ride.