Grinder Memorial Ride – 10/19

Bubba will celebrate the life of our friend with a ride this Saturday. Roll from Mike’s Hole in the Wall off Cherokee @ 8:00. Parking available in the lot off Chilhowee Street for the Johnson Medical Building – Chilhowie runs by Mike’s and all this has been cleared with the owners so we’re good.  We’ll climb Elder/Raccoon, do the loop up top, down Elder, out Cummings, back 299 with the nature center kicker. This is about remembering our friend so expect lots of regrouping –  we’ve built in a few climbs (Raccoon, nature center, and yes, expect Bub to lead some up Lookout to Sanders) so strong men can scratch their itch. Lots of ways to short it – skip Raccoon and go straight out Cummings or skip the loop up top to shave 7 miles.   Full route (without Sanders add-on) 56 miles, 4000 feet.