Roll from the old Falling Water Elementary at 8:30 tomorrow.    After a short warm up we’ll climb our old friend Mtn Rd to mix things up, then head across Mowbry via the 10 longest miles to the Hell of the North (yes, the hard way because we ate too much pie).    After HON we’ll work our way down Leggett, then Back Valley to the cars.   Stop whining – only 57 miles and 3800 feet, it will just feel like more.    Seein as how it’s Don’t Hammer December let’s keep the pace tapped back a little.   Strong men can get plenty on Mtn Rd and HON, and there will be an optional 2nd climb up Hotwater on the way back through (that should get strong men in the metric range).   Only planned stop is at the store on top which is early in the ride so make sure you fill up there.   We will regroup periodically and if you don’t like stopping just ride backwards!    Should be back around 12 when we’ll refuel at Merv’s.