Sat. 3/4

Lot’s of options tomorrow.

Option 1 – TB Ride from Falling Water at 9am 60 miles with a climb

Option 2 – Falling Water at 9am, chase TB almost to Graysville but turn right up Old Graysville Rd. back via Pool, May, Mayflower, Back Valley, etc. 50 miles (see map)

Option 3 – Falling Water at 9am but turn at Sale Creek and return via Back Valley. 40 miles.

Option 4 – all of the above, but you jump on at the Soddy Ball Fields probably around 9:30am but don’t blink.

Option 5 – Barry Allen Ride from Jasper. Rolls at 10am EST from Tower Community Bank 4564 Main St. He calls it a Valley Ride. 50 miles and plenty of ways to short it.